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—  COFFEE  —

The Coffee Beans at Fox at Bow are sourced from the highly respected Five Senses Coffee. At the Forefront of Specialty Coffee, we’re sure you’ll enjoy!


Coffee with Milk

—  Brewed on Five Senses dark horse blend  —
Chocolaty, Caramel & Juicy Blackcurrant notes
$ Pic & Mach 3,5 / Cup 3,8 / Mug 5,2

Straight up Black Coffee

Our black coffee is poured using a Single Origin Coffee. Depending on seasonality we change this weekly so check with our staff
to see what part of the world your coffee is coming from.
$ Espresso 3,2 / Cup 3,5 / Mug 5,0

Or maybe you feel like

—  Delicious French press filter coffee  —
$ 5,5

—  Cold Brew  —
served over ice